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List of the major attractions in Aztec.
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    List of various attractions around the Four Corners.
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  • Fishing and Water Recreation

    The Four Corners region is home to endless recreational possibilities, including waters for the fishing trip of a lifetime. The region is home to fishing holes of all kinds and holds plenty of adventures waiting to be explored. While the San Juan River tops the "must fish" list, the Four Corners has numerous lakes, each providing a unique and memorable adventure. But for those who are not the avid angular, do not be dismayed, many of these lakes cater to the boating enthusiast as well as the wildlife viewing for those seeking to glimpse a rare bald eagle or nesting heron. In addition, many of the lakes offer back country trails and camping opportunities to be one with nature.
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  • Animas River

    The Animas River is a great destination for relaxing rafting and kayaking. Enjoy a float down this river from Durango, Colorado through Aztec, New Mexico and onto Farmington where the Animas River meets with the San Juan River.
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  • Navajo Lake

    Nourished by the Pine and San Juan rivers, Navajo Lake is 25 miles long with more than 200 camping and picnic sites, two improved boat ramps and a marina. Recreation includes boating, sailing and other water sports, plus trophy fishing for brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout, largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, channel catfish and Kokanee salmon.
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  • San Juan River Quality Waters

    Flowing from Navajo Lake, the lower San Juan River is ranked among America's top-10 trout fishing waters. A 4.5-mile, nutrient-rich section below Navajo Dam is so spectacular for fishing that it has earned "Quality Waters" designation. (Special angling regulations are in effect.) Attracting sports enthusiasts the world over, the river further compels with multi-hued sandstone canyons and desert vistas.
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  • Download Fishing Brochure (PDF 189 KB)
  • Motor Sports

    Aztec Motocross

    Aztec Motocross Track

    The Aztec Motocross Track is owned by the City of Aztec and is now under contract with AMX LLC to host races and maintain the track.
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  • Kart Kanyon Speedway

    Kart Kanyon Speedway

    The Kart Kanyon Speedway is owned by the City of Aztec and operated/maintained by the non-profit 4 Corners Amateur Racing.
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  • Mountain Bike Riding


    Alien Run Mountain Bike Trail

    Aztec boasts over 30 miles of mountain bike trails, including the Alien Run, which is ranked among the more technically challenging and scenic single tracks in the Southwest. Routed near an alleged UFO crash site, "the Alien Run" can be navigated by a novice yet is immensely challenging for experts. The Alien Run is held every year in the spring (May).
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  • Aztec Mountain View Trails

    A local favorite, Mountain View Trails is a great high-desert trail with scenic views to the north of the San Juan Mountains.
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  • Glade Run Recreation Area

    Approximately 42 miles of marked trails for motorized trail bike and mountain bike riders are located in the limited OHV portion of the Glade Run Recreation Area. One of the longest running mountain bike races in the United States, the Road Apple Rally is an annual mountain bike race held the first Saturday in October. It is a regional favorite with pros and amateurs from across the southwest.
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  • Pinon Mesa Mountain Bike Trail

    Approx. 14.5 miles of trail through some scenic badlands, hoodoos, and tent rocks landscape. A local favorite, riding this trail can be very challenging with many sand traps.
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  • Hiking & Exploring


    Visit ancient puebloan ruins, Navajo pueblitos, and historic homesteads in and around Aztec.
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  • Arches

    Inventory of over 400 natural arches and windows in San Juan and Rio Arriba counties.
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  • Historic Tour

    Take a tour of Aztec's Historic District, download the Walking Tour Brochure, or view samples of historic literature about Aztec and San Juan County.
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  • Local Walking Trails

    Within the City of Aztec there are several trail loops that one can walk for an easy evening stroll around the city. Most of the trails are concrete sidewalks, but some segments are earthen or gravel. Loops vary from 0.5 miles to 3.1 miles.
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  • Public Recreation Lands

    Local destinations for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public recreation and wilderness areas include:
  • ➠ Ah-shi-sle-pah Wilderness
  • ➠ Alien Run Mountain Bike Trail
  • ➠ Angel Peak Scenic Area
  • ➠ Bisti / De-Na-Zin Wilderness
  • ➠ Lybrook Badlands
  • ➠ Other BLM Recreation & Wilderness Areas

  • Trails of Northwest New Mexico

    In northwest New Mexico there are numerous areas where trails have been established for the novice to experienced hiker.
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  • UFO Crash Site

    Visit the 1948 UFO crash site at a mesa near Aztec.
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  • Horse Riding Trails

    NATRC Region 3
    Little known in our region are the numerous equestrian trails that have been around for many years and some that are recently developed. For the horse enthusiast, visit our inventory of horse riding trails brought to you by Region 3 of the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC).
  • ➠ Northwest New Mexico (San Juan County)
  • ➠ Southwest Colorado

  • Disc Golfing

    San Juan Basin Disc Golf Club
    For the disc golf enthusiast, there are a number of disc golf courses in the San Juan County area. From free public courses to private, the avid disc thrower will not be disappointed as they traverse a variety of landscapes and scenery.


    Experience the newest 18-hole course located east of Aztec's Tiger Lake. The start of the front and back nine is next to the parking lott.
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  • Berg Park

    An informal 10 hole course located in Farmington's Animas River / Berg Park.
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  • Lions Wilderness

    A very popular 27 hole course located in Farmington's Lion Wilderness Park.
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  • Majestic Enchantment

    Privately operated, this 18 hole course offers the greatest challenge and is along the San Juan River.
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  • San Juan College

    This 27 hole course is located on the San Juan College campus.
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  • Golfing

    Pinon Hills Golf Course

    2101 Sunrise Pkwy, Farmington, NM 87401
    (505) 326-6066
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  • Riverview Golf Course

    64 Rd 6520, Kirtland, NM 87417
    (505) 598-0140
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  • Wildlife Viewing

    Into nature watching? Bird watching? The wildlife in northwestern New Mexico is quite diverse within the various desert to riverine eco-systems. Various species have been photographed in the surrounding wilderness areas, canyons and river valleys present in San Juan County.
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  • Aztec Ruins Great Kiva

    Aztec Ruins Great Kiva

    Cox Canyon Arch

    Cox Canyon Arch

    Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking along Alien Run Trail

    Fly Fishing

    Fly Fishing in the Quality Waters of the San Juan River


    Hiking out into the Bisti Wilderness