New Mexico is becoming a leader in mountain biking destinations. Within the Northwest region of New Mexico, are numerous trails for the beginners to the experts. The scenery is amazing with colorful landscapes ranging from high desert to scenic valleys.

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MTB Project
Difficulty of trails is based on riders' experience and input on the MTB Project, a REI Co-Op program.

Aztec Area

Alien Run
Ranked #1 in Northwestern New Mexico
Ranked #17 the State of New Mexico
Ranked #12 in the BLM's Top 20
Trail Name Difficulty Miles
Access Easy 0.5
Alien Run - Short Loop Easy 5.7
Alien Run - Long Loop Intermediate 3.4
Outer Limits Intermediate / Difficult 6.7
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  • Mountain View
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    Access Easy 1.4
    West Loop Intermediate 4.6
    East Loop Intermediate 3.2
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  • Farmington Area

    Glade Run (aka Road Apple Run)
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    Anasazi Loop Easy 2.7
    Bong Rock (Foot Hills Loop) Intermediate 1.5
    Hood Mesa Trail Easy 4.2
    Kinsey (Foot Hills Loop) Intermediate 3.7
    Lake View Intermediate / Difficult 1.7
    Mood Swings
    (aka Clark's Bypass)
    Intermediate 3.8
    Rigor Mortis Intermediate 3.6
    Road Apple East Easy / Intermediate 4.4
    Road Apple West Easy / Intermediate 12.6
    Seven Sisters (Foot Hills Loop) Intermediate 1.4
    Wild Bill Difficult 0.9

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  • Pinon Mesa
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    Pinon Mesa Trail Easy / Intermediate 14.3

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  • Northwest New Mexico Mountain Bike Trails
    Northwest New Mexico Mountain Bike Trails Map (PDF 236 KB)

    Abiquiu Area

    Northern Region
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    Martinez Canyon Trail Intermediate 8.5
    Salazar Trail Intermediate / Difficult 2.7

    Southern Region
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    Lemitas Trail Intermediate / Difficult 5.4
    Window Rock Spur Intermediate / Difficult 0.5
  • Abiquiu Trails Info (PDF 73 KB)
  • Abiquiu Trails Map (PDF 521 KB)
  • GPX File (ZIP 11 KB)

  • Chama Area

    Burned Mountain
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    Burned Mountain Trail (FR 91B) Easy / Intermediate 12.2
    Continental Divide Trail #29 Intermediate 16.6
    Hopewell Gold Loop Intermediate 11.8
  • Burned Mountain Trails Info (PDF 68 KB)
  • Burned Mountain Trails Map (PDF 204 KB)
  • GPX File (ZIP 16 KB)

  • Crownpoint Area

    TeePee Mesa
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    TeePee Mesa Trail Intermediate 3.2
  • TeePee Mesa Trails Info (PDF 66 KB)
  • TeePee Mesa Trails Map (PDF 191 KB)
  • GPX File (ZIP 3 KB)

  • Fort Wingate Area

    Zuni Mountains
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    Berma Trail Intermediate 2.6
    Lost Lake trail Intermediate 5.7
    Malcom Tank Trail Intermediate 1.7
    Mike's Rippin' Trail Easy / Intermediate 2.0
    Milk Ranch Canyon Trail Difficult 6.5
    Plush Trail Intermediate / Difficult 5.7
    Purple Haze Trail Intermediate 4.1
    Quaking Aspen Trail Intermediate 3.4
    Quasimodo Trail Difficult 4.6
    Sawmill Trail Intermediate 5.1
    Smokin' Handlebar Trail Intermediate 2.4
    Strawberry Canyon Trail Easy 2.5
    Stuck Truck Trail Intermediate 2.8
    Tampico Trail Intermediate 3.4
    Torreon Trail Intermediate 1.9
    Y2K Trail Intermediate 3.2
  • Zuni Mountains Trails Info (PDF 94 KB)
  • Zuni Mountains Trails Map (PDF 176 KB)
  • GPX File (ZIP 29 KB)

  • Gallup Area

    High Desert
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    1st Mesa Loop Intermediate 2.1
    Connector Intermediate 0.7
    The Stem Intermediate 2.9
    2nd Mesa Loop (High Desert Loop) Intermediate 5.8
    3rd Mesa Loop (High Desert Loop) Intermediate 2.5
    Connector (High Desert Loop) Intermediate 0.6
    Middle Mesa Loop (High Desert Loop) Intermediate 3.5
  • High Desert Trails Info (PDF 79 KB)
  • High Desert Trails Map (PDF 176 KB)
  • GPX File (ZIP 15 KB)

  • Grants Area

    Grants-Continental Divide
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    FR 193 - FR 453 Intermediate 2.9
    Gooseberry Trail Difficult 3.9
    Lobo Canyon Intermediate / Difficult 12.3
  • Continental Divide Trails Info (PDF 73 KB)
  • Continental Divide Trails Map (PDF 150 KB)
  • GPX File (ZIP 10 KB)

  • Jemez Springs - Valles Caldera Area

    Jemez Mountains
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    Cerro Pelado (Bald Hill) Intermediate 5.7
    East Fork Trail Difficult 8.7
    Fish Hatchery Trail Easy 4.9
    Geothermal Trail Intermediate 7.1
    Las Conchas Peak Trail Intermediate / Difficult 2.4
    Los Griegos Pass Trail Easy / Intermediate 2.8
    Thompson Ridge Trail Intermediate / Difficult 5.9
    Los Conchas Las Griegos Traverse Loop Intermediate 22.3

    Valles Caldera National Preserve
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    Backcountry Access Easy / Intermediate 19.9
    Redondo-Jemez Falls Trail Easy / Intermediate 3.5
    Valles Grand View Trail Intermediate 5.5

  • Jemez Mountains / Valles Calders Trails Info (PDF 88 KB)
  • Jemez Mountains / Valles Calders Trails Map (PDF 173 KB)
  • GPX File (ZIP 38 KB)

  • San Ysidro Area

    White Ridge
    Trail Name Difficulty Miles
    Central Spine Difficult 2.5
    Connector Alternate Intermediate/Difficult 0.7
    Dragon's Neck (Short Cut) Intermediate/Difficult 0.2
    Valley Trail Easy 3.4
    Connector (White Ridge Loop) Intermediate/Difficult 1.0
    Dragon's Back (White Ridge Loop) Intermediate 3.3
    Central Spine Connector (White Ridge Loop) Intermediate 0.6
    Central Spine Alternate (White Ridge Loop) Intermediate 1.0
    Good Times (White Ridge Loop) Intermediate 2.5
  • White Ridge Trails Info (PDF 75 KB)
  • White Ridge Trails Map (PDF 186 KB)
  • GPX File (ZIP 16 KB)

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