Based on the Spirit of '63 (when Aztec was awarded All-America City in 1963), we have provided you with a list of 63 things that you can do in Aztec.
Enjoy and see how many things you can do!
63 Things to Do in Aztec
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1 Take in murals under the bridges
2 Explore 300+ natural arches/windows
3 Get a haircut
4 Practice wellness at a spa
5 Picnic and Play at Cap Walls Park
6 Listen and dance to live music
7 Watch dirt track racing
8 Visit a brewery
9 Shop for quilting needs
10 Rope and rodeo at Riverside Park
11 Visit Aztec Ruins World Heritage Site
12 Eat New Mexican food
13 Google the Old Spanish Trail
14 Float the river
15 Behold a state champion Cottonwood tree
16 Treasure hunt at antique/thrift stores
17 Go camping
18 Buy art
19 Bike the motocross track
20 Play disc golf
21 Fish Quality Waters/rivers, lakes & ponds
22 Discover the past at the museum
23 Eat Chinese/Thai food with chopsticks
24 Get extreme at the skate-park
25 Explore BLM land
26 Stroll along the river
27 Birdwatch
28 Grab a bite to eat
29 Go shopping
30 Play a piano
31 Hike local trails
32 Cool off at the splash pad
33 Chat with a local
34 Hunt in the wild
35 Attend the Highland Games and Celtic Festival
36 Check out local events
37 Discover 1948 Alien crash site
38 Share a pizza
39 Drive by Bonnie Rock
40 Check out the bridges
41 Buy fresh veggies
42 Enjoy the shade at Minium Park
43 Rescue a shelter animal
44 Ride a mountain bike
45 Delight in some ice cream
46 Support Aztec Tigers
47 Attend a car show
48 Smell handmade soaps
49 Stroll historic downtown
50 Walk at Tiger Lake
51 Enjoy a piano concert
52 Play tennis/pickleball at Florence Park
53 Star gaze
54 Watch meandering deer
55 Purchase flowers
56 Experience pioneer life at the village
57 Enjoy coffee & pastries
58 Read at the library
59 Take pics of nature
60 Workout at a gym/dojo
61 Breathe fresh air
62 Take walking tour of historic Aztec
63 Visit
(You got this one done!)